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Frequently Asked Questions

  • How To Order
    Click book now on our website to reserve your mobile sauna right away. Simply select a sauna that you are interested in, and choose one of the available time period option. Well done you are finished! After that you will recieve an email confirming your booking.
  • Delivery Prices
    Delivery is free within Sydney Metro. If you live outside of Sydney metro, any delivery will incur an additional fee of $65
  • What Do We Need
    A clear leveled area of at least 3 x 4 meters And a clear access to your garden or to your drive way 100$ refundable deposit, please refer to our hire agreement during the booking process.
  • Wood Needed?
    We charge just $25 Per day for more than enough of our 2 year dried hardwood. You are welcome to supply your own wood but if not a dry hardwood we cannot guarantee its efficiency of heating up the stove.
  • Hygiene?
    We use an incredible natural cleaner throughout the whole sauna in between each rental.

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