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Wood Fired Sauna for party or events hire

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Our mobile saunas offer unmatched comfort for up to 8 people at a time, ideal for parties, wellness events, or pure relaxation. Enjoy the flexibility of our rental packages with up to 24 hours of hire time, allowing you to fully savor the rejuvenating  woodfired sauna experience.

Choose convenient delivery or pick-up options within NSW. 

Indulge in personalised relaxation tailored to your preferences. Book now and relish up to 24 hours of pure bliss that cater to your wellness needs.

Whether it's for parties, wellness events, or personal relaxation, our mobile saunas are designed to provide you with the utmost comfort and convenience. Book today to embark on your journey to ultimate relaxation with our exceptional mobile saunas.

Get to Know Us

Our Story

So, what makes us unique? For starters, we're the only sauna luxury leisure services in Sydney, and you can hire a sauna with us very quickly. We have affordable deals and every service for discerning sauna fans. Being the first in Sydney for mobile services for saunas on hire, we want to set the standard in sauna services. What do we have on offer? The best saunas designed in the true European style, with red cedar wood that is distinctively plush for saunas of a very high standard.

Why Us

The whole idea of getting a sauna where you want it and when you want it is a bespoke experience for our clients. We want your sauna experience to be a memorable one, so we take aesthetics and safety benchmarks very seriously indeed. We are flexible where your requirements are concerned and can customise sauna experiences for you and your guests. Furthermore, we offer you an authentic sauna service on the move, with the best quality wooden saunas and 100% satisfaction assured. Since we are the first in Sydney offering you a distinct experience, you are sure that we know our stuff and you will be a happy customer for years to come! What are you waiting for? Book a wood sauna event for you and your friends today, and you can have it starting from 24 hours for the sauna-splendid time of your life!


Wandering sauna offers you the facility of having a sauna in any setting


We use highest quality wooden saunas with 100% satisfaction

Bespoke Experience

We tailor sauna experience as per your preference

Our Clients Say

WhatsApp Image 2022-09-28 at 07.39.50.jpeg
“Best sauna experience ever ! After using Wandering Sauna, i felt so much more rejuvenated and relaxed! I couldn't have asked for more than this.”


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